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Kleopatra: Prevent issues caused by inacessible sockets on windows
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Since VSD version 3.2.0 we had several reports connected to not accessible socket files on windows.
Variants are a) "my passphrase for symmetric encryption stopped working" and b) "Kleopatra window does not come up"

In both kind of cases the problem could be solved by deleting the socket files at %LOCALAPPDATA%.

We suspect that Kleopatra was started by an admin after the update with his rights but as the target user and then not shut down fully but only closed.

The proposed solution for this is to make it impossible to only close the window when running Kleopatra with admin rights and instead always fully quit Kleopatra including the subprocesses and removing all sockets.


GnuPG VS Desktop 3.2.0

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Sorry I just noticed that I mixed up the duplicate closing. I wanted to close 7050 as a duplicate of this and not the other way around. Since this description was more general and better.

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