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Kleopatra: Defunct processes when Kleopatra is running with elevated privileges
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When Kleopatra is running with elevated privileges the KUniqueservice_win cannot connect to the elevated responder window when the user starts it a second time because the permissions are not there. There was no proper error handling for this case.

To reproduce: Launch Kleopatra as Administrator. Launch Kleopatra a second time without Administrator. The second process will hang as it cannot connect to the elevated process to pass the command line. I think this is mostly mitigated by T7049: Kleopatra: Prevent issues caused by inacessible sockets on windows but still it should be fixed as it could cause problems when the admin user just leaves the window open.

This is what happens now

the message box is coming from the defunct Kleopatra which will then exit.

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yes, the box comes up, the second "user-level"-Kleopatra exits again after clicking the "ok" Button.
After quitting the Kleopatra process with the admin rights again the privileged background processes remain, like I mentioned in

The other way round, with Kleopatra first started as user with normal rights and then as user with administrator rights brings up no warning, Kleopatra is just not started, although the MS question if the program should really be started with administrator rights was acknowledged with "yes".

We decided the latter is to small an issue, we'll close this ticket without opening another for the reverse case.
Tested only in VS-Desktop- yet

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