gpgol does not encrypt Text-Message at first time - only after second try
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seaching the bug-list I found some information about problems with encryption
of text-mails, but no solution until now.
Everything runs fine, but there is no encryption done the first time I send a
Text Mail!!!
I'm synchronizing my Outbox manually so I can have a look at the mails in the
I observerd the following, trying to find the bug:
Sending a Mail the first time means nothing. The mail is not encrypted
Reopening the Mail in the Outbox (remarking the "encrypt-button") and sending
a secong time works! No the mail is encrypted!

I have added a log-file with both events log - on a first brief view i found
nothing remarkable different.

Im using
Outlook 2003 SP2
gpgol 0.9.90
GnuPG 1.4.5
WinPT 1.0.0

Windows XP Professional

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Additional links to related Tasks (text encryption NOT working)

Actually this seems to be the same problem
as in the other reports.

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Maybe you are right. I was not shure because finaly encryption works...
If this task is of no further sense it can be closed.
In my opinion it is a critical bug! Can I do anything to help finding the
Perhaps it has something to do with the state of the message (the message wich
is not encrypted is indicated in BOLD letters)

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Additional Info using encryption with text mails I observed following subject:
If the text mail contains an attachment these attachment is encrypted properly
(at the first try of sending the mail). Its only the text block which is not

This indicates that there is no problem with textmails in general, but with the
text-"element" of the Mail.

Hope this will help localizing the bug

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Due to time constraints, the 0.9 series of GpgOL is no longer supported.
I am sorry for this inconvenience. Gpg4win/2 will soon be released featuring a
heavily rewritten GpgOL.

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