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Decrypted text is not displayed
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WinXP SP2 / Outlook 2003 SP2 / GPGOL 0.9.91 / German

When in Extra/Options/Email (I have the german version so translation could be
not exact) format not the "only text" Option is selected and you open a
decrypted message you see 2 textboxes in the symbol region for font and
fontsize .

When you press the decrypt button from gpgol (and give your passphrase the
first time) nothing changed and you see not the decrypted message.

But for a short moment the decrypted message appears in the textbox for the
font size and then disappears.

You can work around this bug when you disable the 2 textboxes from the symbol
region (context menu in symbol region and uncheck format).
The all is running as expected.

This workaround only works if you never before pressed the decryption button
and induced the error.
After you ran into this bug one time you have to restart outlook and follow the
workaround before inducing this error.

Some issues (#652?) may have adressed this bug too...