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Decrypted text not replacing encrypted message
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Decrypted text does not replace the message body if the Formatting toolbar is
displayed. Instead, the plaintext is visible in the "Font Size" dropdown for a

I was able to get a "Task Pane" in Outlook once (can not seem to get it again),
and when that was open the decrypted text was going in the first text field in
that pane.

Is gpgol just putting the text in the first RichEdit window it finds?


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Apr 30 2007, 2:00 AM

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Problem appears to be in the find_message_window function in display.cpp.

if (len && !strcmp (buf, "RichEdit20W"))

log_debug ("found class RichEdit20W");
return child;


This is returning as soon as it finds the first RichEdit20W control. I'd submit
a patch that took this if block out, but the comment above it makes me wary. I
don't want to break functionality for PGP/MIME or "already decrypted messages".

Any thoughts? We have a client who is using this plugin for decrypting order
information and hope to get them a solution soon.

No movement on this in two weeks. I'd like to see a resolution to this soon, as
it effects our clients' ability to use our software. So, let's all put our
heads together on this. Does anyone out there have any Windows debugging tools
that will show some kind of unique name assigned to this control? It's been a
while since I did any Windows programming, but there has to be a way to get a
handle to this control aside from just going after the class name.

Also, how would making my suggested change break functionality for PGP/MIME or
"already decrypted" messages? What can we do to prevent this?

Looking for input...

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I ran a program called RanorexSpy to get some more info about the "Font Size"
dropdown and the message text area. Here are my findings:

The "Font Size" combobox is the first RichEdit20W control (RichEdit20W #1) in
the window. The message area is the first RichEdit20W control in the client window.

The client area itself appears to be the only AfxWndW instance in that
particular window. Would it make sense for the code to get a handle to the
first AfxWndW instance, then get *its* first RichEdit20W child?

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I am now looking at it

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