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scd:p15: Update from current GnuPG 2.3


scd:p15: Update from current GnuPG 2.3

This reflects the state of
commit 1f846823b397d68eaa8a31422f78c99f8e9ff738
featuring these commits:

1f846823b scd:p15: Fix the name of a card.
cc5aa68b6 scd:p15: Fix last commit and improve D-TRUST detection.
21e3f750b scd:p15: Shorten the displayed s/n of RSCS cards
30f90fc85 scd:p15: Support attribute KEY-FPR.
ecb9265b8 scd:p15: Match private keys with certificates also by ...
e17d3f866 scd:p15: New flag APP_LEARN_FLAG_REREAD.
1c16878ef scd: Replace all assert macros by the log_assert macro.
7f9126363 scd:p15: Return labels for keys and certificates.
651c07a73 scd:p15: For CardOS make use of ISO7816_VERIFY_NOT_NEEDED.
de4d3c99a scd:p15: Return the creation time of the keys.
592f48011 scd:p15: Make RSA with SHA512 work with CardOS.
a494b29af scd:p15: Support ECDSA and ECDH for CardOS.
964363e78 scd:p15: Make $SIGNKEY et al determination more fault ...
85082a83c scd:p15: Allow to use an auth object label with cmd CHECKPIN.
ef29a960b scd:p15: New attribute CHV-LABEL.
bf1d7bc36 scd:p15: Implement CHV-STATUS attribute
0f191a070 scd:p15: Fix faulty removal of a test code change.
08b5ac492 scd:p15: Support special extended usage flags for OpenPGP ...
d51a5ca10 scd:p15: Read out the access flags.
cfdaf2bcc scd:p15: Get the label value of all objects for better diag...
33aaa37e5 scd:p15: Make it code work again for D-Trust cards.
488eaedc9 scd:p15: Extract extended usage flagsand act upon them.
0c080ed57 scd:p15: Read PuKDF and minor refactoring.
1e197c29e scd:p15: Make file selection more robust.
5bcbc8cee scd:p15: Factor the commonKeyAttributes parser out.
fb84674d6 scd:p15: Factor the commonObjectAttributes parser out.
fc287c055 scd:p15: First step towards real CardOS 5 support.
60499d989 scd:p15: Show the ATR as part of the TokenInfo diagnostics.
00037f499 scd:p15: Print the internal card type.
c7b9a4ee4 scd:p15: Improve support for some CardOS based cards.

  • Signed-off-by: Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>


wernerAuthored on Apr 29 2021, 3:26 PM
rG5b8593135fa6: common: Extend the openpgp_curve_to_oid function.