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gpg: Extend --quick-gen-key for creating keys from a card.

Authored by werner on Aug 22 2019, 4:37 PM.


gpg: Extend --quick-gen-key for creating keys from a card.

* g10/keygen.c (parse_key_parameter_part): Add arg R_KEYGRIP and
support the special algo "card".
(parse_key_parameter_string): Add args R_KEYGRIP and R_SUBKEYGRIP.
Handle the "card" algo.  Adjust callers.
(parse_algo_usage_expire): Add arg R_KEYGRIP.
(quickgen_set_para): Add arg KEYGRIP and put it into the parameter
(quick_generate_keypair): Handle algo "card".
(generate_keypair): Also handle the keygrips as returned by
(ask_algo): Support ed25519 from a card.

Note that this allows to create a new OpenPGP key from an initialized
OpenPGP card or from any other supported cards. It has been tested
with the TCOS Netkey card. Right now a stub file for the cards might
be needed; this can be achieved by running "gpgsm --learn" with the
card plugged in.


gpg --quick-gen-key foo@example.org card
  • Signed-off-by: Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>