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Implement GUI for compliance mode
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For our Projects we need GUI for compliance mode de-vs in GpgOL and Kleopatra.

That is:

  1. Generating compliant certificates only.
  2. Highlighting signatures there were made by compliant keys.
  3. Highlighting decrypted messages thats were encrypted "compliant"
  4. Highlighting certificates that are compliant on key selection for encryption
  5. Highlighting certificates that are compliant in the Certificate List in Kleopatra.
  6. Highlighting certificates that are not compliant in Kleopatra's certificate list.
  7. Preventing any configuration changes that would make the system not compliant through the GUI

Let's play with subtasks now.


Due Date
Apr 28 2017, 12:00 AM

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As a first version you can now apply profiles in Kleopatra. It also respects the default_pubkey_algo_name and shows in tooltips / certificate details if a certificate is compliant.

Accidentally marked this as resolved when I only wanted to update the status.

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beta232 has some basic compliance support mainly missing is Compliance indication for crypto operations (encrypt / decrypt / sign /verify)

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Some details of these tasks are outline in the internal concept, including mockups.

Ok this looks nice already. My plan is the following:

  • Fix / Merge my work on a new keyresolver for GpgOL that would highlight compliant certificates the code for this will be in libkleo / kleopatra as gpgol uses this. (Will open a subtask for it)
  • Translate the new strings to german.
  • Give the customer a new Version with this and then ask what else we need. I'm unsure if KMail should also show compliant operations or if this is out of scope for Gpg4kde. Need to check this.

I think its done and released with beta-270