Highlight compliant operations in GpgOL when Encrypting / Signing
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I have a keyresolver already that would be usable for this and which I intended to use. It does not yet highlight compliant operations. A more minimal approach would be to use the current keyresolver but I really would like to use my new code as the intention is to use the same keyresolver in KMail and GpgOL. Currently we have at least three keyresolvers. One in Kleopatra. One in Libkleo and one in Messagelib (KMail)

The new keyresolver needs to be made to work for compliance and then wired up to the assuan protocol.

I'll just dump my current work here so it's available but I intend to work on this myself.

aheinecke closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2017, 11:12 AM

There is highlighting now but we don't have the fancy new keyresolver.