File wiping during encryption
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I have noticed that the new version 3.0.0 does not wipe or delete the file upon encryption like the previous versions did. This poses a problem since the files are encrypted are not removed; they could accidently be missed causing a security breach. The tick to remove the file after encryption is no longer an option.


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Thanks for your feedback. But this is intentional. There were two problems with with this:

  • Some users expected "secure file removal" e.g. Overwriting the sectors on the disk etc. which is out of scope for Kleopatra / Gpg4win. And the simple delete of Kleopatra was unexpected for them.
  • This option was dangerous because in the past we had bugs (e.g. like the bugs we have in 3.0.0 with archives ( T3470 ) where a removal of the original file resulted in a critical data loss.

Users should be sure if they really want to delete the original after encryption and then can do this through specialized tools or by using Windows file deletion.

I understand that some users might be unhappy with this and If there are many complaints and we are sure that Bugs like T3470 no longer exist we might readd this.