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Special characters not displayed anymore in Outlook
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Special characters as umlauts (i.e. ä ö ü) in signed and sent emails do not get displayed anymore in Outlook. The characters are simply left out within the words, no space, just as if I didn't type them. However, when I open the sent email using my webmail provider there are no missing letters. So it is only a display problem in Outlook; the email itself seems to be unaffected.

It worked flawlessly before, it seems the bug appeared in GpgOL version 2.1.0 or one before.

The bug appears when I open a signed and sent email in Outook's Sent-folder. It affects both the email preview in Outlook as well as regular email window.

Odd enough, when I write a new mail and choose to sign it and finally send it, it is sent but Outlook then clears the text window (as if I didn't type a single letter). I can simply close the window manually and the email is sent. But that's a strange behaviour, maybe related to the bug above.


Gpg4win 3.1.1, GpgOL 2.1.1, MS Outlook 2013 x64 (15.0.5031.1000) on Win 10 Pro b16299 x64

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Thanks for your report.

Do you have the Option to send PGP/Inline set?

We added support for PGP/Inline signing with GpgOL 2.1.0 which is notoriously problematic regarding encoding. So if you send PGP/Inline that would explain the change in behavior.

But it should work at least in your own client, of course.

Thank you for your answer.

I unticked the inline setting in gpgOL and yeah, it helped. Thank you! I would not have found it on my own.

What is the purpose/advantage of this setting if ticked?

The best way to send signed or encrypted mail is by using PGP/MIME which is the default.

The Inline setting is there because some people always request it as they somehow communicate with others that can't handle MIME. So it's a kind of compatibility option.

What did you think that the Option did when you selected it?
Maybe we need to rephrase the Option to avoid confusion.

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I've noticed during testing that GpgOL would not send valid PGP/Inline signed only messages and also failed to verify such messages itself when special characters were in the mix.

It is improved somewhat by the following commits:


Still not super reliable but for good encoding support users need to use PGP/MIME.

Fix is released in Gpg4win-3.1.2