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GnuPG: Changing the trust model once changes the default trust model
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If you don't have a trust model configured and you do:

gpg -k --with-colons --with-tofu-info --trust-model tofu+pgp

The "default" trust model if you do not provide it on the command line will from then on be "tofu+pgp".

gpg -k --with-colons --with-tofu-info
Will still show the tofu info.

This is a very bad side effect and makes it impossible to properly switch the trust model only for some operations or in one application. I know that the idea is not to switch trust models so often, but as a first step to adapt tofu+pgp in only some applications (like GpgOL). It would be great if that would be possible without affecting the whole system.

I think this is a bug.


master / STABLE-BRANCH-2-2