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GnuPG 2.2.11 release
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  • gpgsm: Fix CRL loading when intermediate certicates are not yet trusted.
  • gpgsm: Fix an error message about the digest algo. [T4219]
  • gpg: Fix a wrong warning due to new sign usage check introduced​ with 2.2.9. [T4014]
  • gpg: Print the "data source" even for an unsuccessful keyserver query. ​
  • gpg: Do not store the TOFU trust model in the trustdb. This allows to enable or disable a TOFU model without triggering a trustdb rebuild. [T4134]
  • scd: Fix cases of "Bad PIN" after using "forcesig". [T4177]
  • agent: Fix possible hang in the ssh handler. [T4221]
  • dirmngr: Tack the unmodified mail address to a WKD request. See commit a2bd4a64e5b057f291a60a9499f881dd47745e2f for details.
  • dirmngr: Tweak diagnostic about missing LDAP server file.
  • dirmngr: In verbose mode print the OCSP responder id.
  • dirmngr: Fix parsing of the LDAP port. [T4230]
  • wks: Add option --directory/-C to the server. Always build the​ server on Unix systems.
  • wks: Add option --with-colons to the client. Support sites which​ use the policy file instead of the submission-address file.
  • Fix EBADF when gpg et al. are called by broken CGI scripts.
  • Fix some minor memory leaks and bugs.