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The browser integration component is not installed by default
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By default, Gpg4win installer doesn't include Browser integration option. Therefore, when installing Gpg4win with Chocolatey or with the /S option, the component is not installed, and Mailvelope's native messaging feature cannot be used.

I've checked the Compendium's Automatic installation of Gpg4win, but didn't see anything to add in the gpg4win.ini file related to this component.

Possible solutions:

  1. Add an option to the installer or gpg4win.ini
  2. Install the Browser integration option by default

Related issue:

Gpg4win: v3.1.5
Windows: 10 v1803



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Thanks for the report. Indeed I've overlooked this.

I'll add an .ini option and a command line switch.

I'm against making it default for now. Although we are of course optimistic that everything we did is fully secure, it increases the attack surface accessible from the browser so it is more responsible to only be installed if it is used IMO.

3.1.6 will have two ways to install the browser integration non-interactively

  • by adding "inst_browser = true" to a gpg4win.ini


  • by adding "/WITH_BROWSER=1" to the command line call of the installer.

I've tested both ways.