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Release GnuPG 2.2.14
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News for 2.2.14, released 2019-03-19:

  • gpg: Allow import of PGP desktop exported secret keys. Also avoid importing secret keys if the secret keyblock is not valid. [T4392]
  • gpg: Do not error out on version 5 keys in the local keyring.
  • gpg: Make invalid primary key algo obvious in key listings.
  • sm: Do not mark a certificate in a key listing as de-vs compliant if its use for a signature will not be possible.
  • sm: Fix certificate creation with key on card.
  • sm: Create rsa3072 bit certificates by default.
  • sm: Print Yubikey attestation extensions with --dump-cert.
  • agent: Fix cancellation handling for scdaemon.
  • agent: Support --mode=ssh option for CLEAR_PASSPHRASE. [T4340]
  • scd: Fix flushing of the CA-FPR DOs in app-openpgp.
  • scd: Avoid a conflict error with the "undefined" app.
  • dirmngr: Add CSRF protection exception for protonmail.
  • dirmngr: Fix build problems with gcc 9 in libdns.
  • gpgconf: New option --show-socket for use wity --launch.
  • gpgtar: Make option -C work for archive creation.