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Asan findings in tests/t-logging.c
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Hi Everyone,

I'm performing a Asan run on GnuPG 2.2.15 and all of its dependencies. Everything was built with -fsanitize=address -fno-omit-frame-pointer. For Autotools projects the two flags get placed in CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS.

It looks likeAsan is producing multiple findings in gpgerror's tests/t-logging.c. It looks like logbuf is not being free'd before calling fail or die.

Attached is an updated t-logging.c that cleans up before exiting. It avoids the false positives so the build can continue.

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Thanks for your report.
Let me handle issue by issue.

There are multiple problems; memory leak on failure path and memory leak on success path.

IIUC, it is not a problem of die/fail with non-freed logbuf, but a leak of logbuf on success path.

I'm fixing success path leakage.