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attachement not displayed when pipe in filename of attachement
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We received s-mime certified mail with attachement with the pipe-character in the filename.

We can reproduce this behaviour when sending e-mail from Mac Mail actual version, attaching a pdf with a pipe-character in the filename, and using html in the mail body signing the mail with ssl certificate.

In Outlook 2013 the mail is received using pop3. Opening the Mail gpgol is reporting in German:

Nicht alle Anhänge können angezeigt werden.

Die unsichtbaren Anhänge sind:


clicking ok and opening the mail, only the mail body is shown no attachement is shown.

kind regards

Helmut Häfner


gpg4win 3.1.11

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I can reproduce the issue. GpgOL creates a temporary file using the original filename and that fails because the pipe is one of the invalid filename characters on Windows / NTFS.

<>\/:*?" should also cause the same issue :-/ Not sure how to fix this.

Btw. sorry for the late reply, due to the missing tags it did not show up in my usual search mask for untriaged issues.

Thank you very much for working on this issue.
I think there might be a problem with your fix, if there is a mail arriving with
more than 1 attachment with invalid filenames. I expect all but the last
processed attachment with invalid filename will be overriden by this fix. I
think this will happen very rarely but maybe it is worth consider this also.
Of course I may be totally wrong with my thoughts as I'm not a programmer and
don't know how gpgol is handling attachments in mails.
kind regards
Helmut Häfner

aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Aug 6 2020, 4:00 PM

To be honest I have not tried that but it should work because then it has another 50 tries to find a name like "attachment_51.txt" because we stay in the loop.

This can be tested with Gpg4win 3.1.12 it would be great if you could confirm that it works for you now.