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scd: For NetKey cards KEYINFO with keygrip fails
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This is with master. This does actually happen when trying to generate an OpenPGP public key for NetKey card keys with gpg --quick-gen-key --yes card where this makes gpg/pinentry ask for the card that is already inserted, but it's easier/faster to reproduce as follows (the first few SCD commands may not be necessary):
Plug in card reader (I have an IDENTIV SPR332 V2) and insert NetKey card. Then run

$ gpg-connect-agent "SCD SERIALNO --all" /bye
S SERIALNO 89490173300026616520

$ gpg-connect-agent "SCD LEARN --keypairinfo" /bye
S CHV-STATUS -4+0+-4+0
S KEYPAIRINFO 39400430E38BB96F105B740A7119FE113578B59D NKS-NKS3.4531 sa - rsa2048
S KEYPAIRINFO 42C3CA6F9D7A725A59DDE06B16B61E88C62777C4 NKS-NKS3.45B1 e - rsa2048
S KEYPAIRINFO 20E7CB1D5299669CABF29B103C692AB34CB03528 NKS-NKS3.45B2 e - rsa1024
S KEYPAIRINFO A69B0D3796EE33E4426E5CE4B6BEEE5F1209FBA4 NKS-SIGG.4531 se - rsa2048

$ gpg-connect-agent "SCD KEYINFO 39400430E38BB96F105B740A7119FE113578B59D" /bye
ERR 100663323 Not found <SCD>

Maybe a similar fix as for T5150 is needed.

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I can't see how it occurs. "SCE KEYINFO" and "SCD READKEY" with keygrip both goes exactly same code path (the difference is only the "action" argument).

Does "SCD READKEY <KEYGRIP>" also fail in the situation "SCD KEYINFO" fails?

I found a bug which resulted "Not Found <SCD>" when "SCD KEYINFO" is used with "--data" or "--".
It is fixed in rG54b88ae46062: scd: Fix KEYINFO command with --data option..

gniibe added a project: Restricted Project.

I think that T5150 was also not fixed completely.

I pushed another fix of rG87d2c579cc38: scd:nks: Fix caching keygrip (more)., which fixes both cases, hopefully.

gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 3 2020, 8:26 AM

This works now. Thanks.