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Kleopatra: Optionally, delete private key locally after moving a key to a smartcard
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A common use case with Kleopatra is to move a key to a smartcard:

  • Create key
  • Move the key to card
  • Make a backup of the public key
  • Delete the key (private and public)
  • Import the public key
  • Set the imported key again to ultimately trusted.

Unfortunately we need to handle the key stubs at least with GnuPG 2.2. This requires that one first needs to hit F5 in the card dialog (which creates the stub but does not give any visual feedback) and then hit F5 in the key listing so that the imported will be marked as having the private key. Only then the key may be marked as ultimately trusted.

Not everyone known when to hit F5.

It would also be possible to add an option to remove only the private key - this would in fact be easier to understand for the user. Maybe by collecting the moved (sub)keys and finally offer to delete their copies.

Update 2022-04-19: As discussed, the destructive operation to delete the private key should be confirmed by the user by entering some text, e.g. "delete".

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werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 16 2022, 5:29 PM
werner created this task.

It should not really hurt to query the scdaemon again after an import. We can do this in the background and users wont have to notice it in the general case where imports from others happen.

So form my side it would be ok to just schedule a readstatus update in an importresult.

In Kleopatra's KeyToCardCommand there is this comment

/* TODO DELETE_KEY is too strong, because it also deletes the stub
 * of the secret key. I could not find out how GnuPG does this. Question
 * to GnuPG Developers is pending an answer

before a commented out code snippet that asks the user whether the key should be deleted locally and, if the user confirms, asks the agent to do DELETE_KEY --force <keygrip of subkey>.

(Re)Activating this code snippet would save the user the above long list of manual steps. All that is missing seems to be a READKEY --card --no-data -- <keyRef> after the DELETE_KEY to get the stub created (and maybe reloading the key list).

ikloecker renamed this task from Reload key list after a key has been moved to a smartcard to Kleopatra: Optionally, delete private key locally after moving a key to a smartcard.Apr 19 2022, 11:01 AM
ikloecker updated the task description. (Show Details)

For the record, I am for the deletion as long as it is guarded by a safety check.

The danger I see is that moving the key to the smartcard failed and we miss the error (as happened before) and thus the key is deleted without an existing copy on the smartcard. I think this is probably the reason why this was commented out when our smartcard support was less mature.