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private-key: Support "Use-for-ssh" flag
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As it is documented in keyformat.txt, we should support "Use-for-ssh" flag, so that we won't need a line in sshcontrol.

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gniibe triaged this task as Normal priority.May 20 2022, 6:23 AM
gniibe created this task.

cmd_keyinfo should be also updated to access the field correctly.

This is an experimental patch to support "Use-for-ssh":

I'm afraid that how to define clear semantics of "Use-for-ssh".

When it's a key of OPENPGP.3 on card, which naturally expresses it's a key for SSH, having this flag means that adding meaning of "it will prompt you when your card/token is not inserted".

Related to T5987.

gniibe lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.May 23 2022, 3:24 AM
gniibe edited projects, added Feature Request; removed scd.

With the change for T5996 applied, the semantics is clear. "Use-for-ssh" flag is a key not for "OpenPGP.3", but other keys (not only OpenPGP.[12], but also for normal keys.)

Pushed the change for this feature.

We removed assuming "OPENPGP.3" means for ssh.

So, "Use-for-ssh" is literally as it expresses.

gniibe removed a project: Restricted Project.

It's in 2.3.7.