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Kleopatra: Assert in CertifyCertificateCommand after setting ownertrust of key
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In CertifyCertificateCommand::Private::createJob we have observed triggering the assert:

Q_ASSERT(key().protocol() == OpenPGP);

This was reproducible by:

  • Editing a secret key with gpg --edit-key
  • set trust to unkown
  • certify another key in Kleopatra
  • Select "yes" in the question box to mark this key as your own
  • Confirm the dialog

I was able to reproduce it about 4 times but after adding some debug output I could no longer reproduce it. Now I can neiter reproduce it on Windows nor on Linux even with unchanged binaries. So it might be that this problem was there for longer but is a timing issue that we only noticed now in pre release testing.

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Should be fixed.

I'll create a spin-off for fixing this key invalidation problem for all commands.

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