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Issues caused for importing private certificates
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There is an issue that may cause when a user trying to import private certificates from PKCS #12 forms of files. The user receives an error message indicating "invalid object" as a result of importing the certificate and its associated {F4020852}private key.



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I believe that this error is caused by a software bug of Gpg4win. Please get back to me if you need additional details about this issue, thanks

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To identify/locate the issue, you can try command line:

$ gpgsm --import YOUR_PKCS_12_FILE

You can add -v or -vv option for verbose output. You can also try --debug-all option to see what's going on.

I think this is a duplicate of T4779 I am merging them because if it is not a duplicate T4779 is still the right issue because we need better error messages for PKCS #12 import

This issue happens even if a user enters the correct password for the private certificate.