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GpgSM: "Invalid Object" error when importing .p12 certs with wrong passphrase
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When importing secret keys with Kleopatra you can enter a wrong passphrase. In that case you are not asked again but instead you get the error "Invalid Object".

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aheinecke added a subscriber: wk.

I am adding the gpgcom tag as this causes support problems because we do not really know if it is an invalid object with the correct passphrase or if just the passphrase is incorrect.

This looks like a different but not too uncommon problem. For T6169 we need to get a PKCS#12 file to be able to replicate the problems - obviously that PKCS#12 should hold only test keys/certs.

Real Passphrase is "test"

With GPGME test runner and a random password:

./run-import --cms ~/dev/main/div/testzertifikate/berta-enc.p12
reading file `/home/aheinecke/dev/main/div/testzertifikate/berta-enc.p12'
run-import: file /home/aheinecke/dev/main/src/gpgme/tests/run-import.c line 159: <GpgSM> Invalid object

I see what I can do