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Kleopatra: "imported certificates" tab inconsistencies
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When importing or trying to import a (public or private) key via the "import" button:
A new "imported certificates" tab is wrongly shown if I try to import (without scuccess) a key which is already in the keyring:

In contrast if a public key which I want to import is not present in the keyring and therefore is actually imported, (usually) no "imported certificates" tab is shown, although it should.
The exception I found so far are:

  • an expired key, where the import is shown, too, if it actually is imported.
  • if no secret key is present in the keyring

--> maybe the not showing of a tab is connected with the condition connected with the "do you want to certify the certificate?" question?

For a secret key the "imported certificates" tab seems to be always shown unless it is imported into an empty keyring.

When trying to import a key already existing in the keyring by double clicking on the key file, the tab does not open. But it does not show either, when a key is actually imported. Right click -> "more gpgEX options" -> import keys seems to behave the same.

These seem to me 3 separate issues.