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GpgOL: newly generated key not loaded in the security confirmation dialog
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When you generate your keypair via GpgOL, the newly generated keys are not loaded in the security confirmation dialog:

You can choose the newly generated key for both input fields, though:

Although this is a working workaround the most obvious thing for a user to do is hit "generate key" again, as it didn't seem to work. And thereby generate a second key, which again will not be shown without opening the dropdown.

Expected behavior: The newly generated key is immediately shown in both fields and the action button changes from "Generate" to "OK".


3.1.26, Gpg4win-4.2.0-beta357

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I noticed this recently, too. Should be fixed. Especially if we want to use this in KMail, too.

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This can be also reproduced easily on Linux with test_keyresolver from libkleo:

GNUPGHOME=$(mktemp -d) ./test_keyresolver --sender foo@bar.baz foo@bar.baz

@ikloecker Can you maybe take a look at this. I think that should be a pretty easy fix for you and I would backport this to vsd32 if there is no regression risk. (Which would surprise me)

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Fixed with the above two commits.

I noticed some other weirdness that doesn't seem to cause problems but that should anyway be fixed but only for the next release.

ikloecker changed the task status from Open to Testing.Nov 16 2023, 1:23 PM

Merci vielmals. Cherry-picked.


Seems T6813 blocks me from testing this. The generate window does not close and even if I abort the window, the generated key is not loaded. It is not selectable even if I remove the filter.

works, VS-Desktop-

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