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Kleopatra: Improve representation of signature verification result in case of multiple signatures
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Related to T6869 and to T6867

It is possible to combine two signatures in a .sig file. But the representation of the results is not good if one or both signatures are invalid.

If the first signature in a file is invalid, only the result for that one is displayed:

If the first one is valid, both results are shown, but you have to look closely to see which signature was invalid:

Ideally, one would always be presented with both results and see at a glance which signature is valid and which not.

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ebo triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Dec 8 2023, 3:28 PM
ebo created this task.

gpg's output indicates that gpg exits on the first invalid signature. This cannot be changed by Kleopatra. And I think it's irrelevant whether there are valid signatures if one signature is invalid. If you have a contract signed by multiple people then the contract won't be valid because two of three signatures are valid.