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pinentry-qt window is not parented to Kleopatra on Wayland
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  • Plug in Yubikey
  • In Kleopatra go to "Smartcards"
  • Click e.g. "Change PIN"

A window from pinentry(-qt) appears asking for the PIN. This window isn't parented to Kleopatra, so it can disappear behind the Kleopatra window, isn't centered in it etc.

This works as expected on X11.

Since kleo and pinentry are separate processes this can be achieved using the xdg-foreign Wayland protocol

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Awesome, thanks for the report 👍

It doesn't actually work as expected on X11. There pinentry uses the NET::KeepAbove window flag to make the pinentry window stay on top of Kleopatra.

Instead on X11 and Wayland there should be a transient parent relationship between Kleopatra and pinentry(-qt)

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