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Release Pinentry 1.3.x
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.3.0 (2024-03-18)

  • qt: Add new Qt6 frontend. [rP1e79123c38]
  • qt: Set parent window on Wayland. [T6930]
  • qt: Fix capslock detection on Wayland. [rP7dfc60a70d]
  • qt: Fix window icon on Wayland. [T6887]
  • qt: Add support for external password manager with libsecret. [T6801]
  • qt: Remove focus indication by text selection. [T5863]
  • qt: Use same focus indication for labels as Kleopatra. [T5863]
  • qt: Improve accessibility. [T5863]
  • gnome3: Prefer gcr-4. [rP069c219223]
  • curses: Fix timeout handling. [rP08408498b3]
  • curses: Add SETREPEATOK and quality bar colors. [rP2f109972e4]
  • curses: Add password quality meter. [rP2923707e75]
  • curses,tty: Upon SIGINT, let pinentry exit gracefully. [T6641]
  • w32: Fix non-focused window and simplify code. [rPabbecc67d9]
  • Disable secret storage integration when running on KDE Plasma. [rPefb6de7f]
  • The Windows CE support has been removed.

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