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The default card key generation keeps an unprotected backup of the encryption key on disk
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When using gpg --card-edit, admin, generate and following the default prompts, the encryption key is created by gpg (technically by gpg-agent), copied to a smartcard and a backup in OpenPGP format stored with a passphrase in a file ~/.gnupg/sk_LONGKEYID.gpg.

The gpg-agent however has created the key in its private-keys-v1.d directory before it was sent to the smartcard and to gpg for creating the backup. Obviously that on-disk copy should be deleted. This used to happen by overwriting it with the stub file (aka shadow key). Due to other fixes this stopped working some time ago - bummer.

The best fix will be never to write the key to the disk but hand it out to gpg to create the backup file.

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Currently, there is no support for gpg-agent to keep private key not on disk, but only on memory of gpg-agent. Given the situation,
I think that it is good to:

FWIW, I am already working on this.

We tested with Kleopatra:

  • Only gpg4win 4.2 is affected (the current version) but 4.1 is not affected.
  • No vsd version is affected.

We tested with gpg --card-edit:

  • gnupg 2.2.42 is affected (thus also vsd 3.2.0 and 3.2.1)
  • gnupg 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 are affected

2.2.41 was tested and is not affected. 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 were also tested and are not affected. 2.3.x and < 2.4.41 were not tested.

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We need to fix 2.2.42 too. This because we backported the responsible patch.

Fixed in 2.4.4 and 2.2.43 - see above for affected versions.

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Also fixed in the fortgcoming 2.2.43