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GnuPG: Allow import of gpgsk files
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gpgsk files contain backups of secret keys. They are created by Kleopatra when creating a backup of a secret (sub)key after copying a (sub)key to a smart card.

To counter attacks with malicious gpgsk files (with the goal to overwrite a user's real secret keys or smart-card-backed shadow keys) gpg must check that the imported/restored gpgsk files are valid.

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These gpgsk files are standard private-keys-v1 files with an additional Backup-info line showing for example the keygrip.
There are no certificates in the file, thus we can either use gpg or gpgsm as driver.

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I think the attack ingo talks about would mostly be covered by checking if the file already exists before moving it into the private directory.

But a good safeguard that I could think of would be:

  • Create a temporary directory.
  • Import the private key and the public key it belongs to (which we should know from a keylisting with keygrip)
  • Use the key in some manner, that depends a bit if it is a signing key then we should sign something if it is an encryption key we should decrypt a test message to that key. For Authentication I don't really know what a good test would be.

Checking if the file already exists doesn't help. In fact, typically the file (containing the shadow key for the card key) will already exist. But one could check if there is already a private key with this keygrip. Then restoring could be refused, so that the worst that can happen is that the shadow key (which can be recovered from the smart card) is overwritten with a corrupt file.

This means we can use a simpler approach:

  • Move the existing file away (maybe changing the extension is already enough if gpg-agent only looks for .key files).
  • Copy the gpgsk file to private-keys-v1.
  • Check if we have a valid secret key as Andre suggested. This could be framed as check to make sure that the key was restored correctly.
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Werner wants the import via gpg-agent