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Kleopatra: add "Smart Card" tab to certificate detail view
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The detailed view gets another tab with information from a private key stub-file.
Hint: T7019 should be done before this task.

  • This Tab shows only information if there exists a private key stub file for this key.
  • The stub file may contain references to several smart cards. Each reference is shown in a separate line.
  • In case a corresponding smart card is connected basic information for this smart card is shown.
  • A button "Open Smart Card Management" will open the separate (non modal) smart card window. See T7018.

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While reviewing the changes I had some doubt about some of the columns.

Keygrip: Is this useful information? The key grip is mostly internal information. It identifies the subkey, but we usually use the fingerprint for this.

Token: The mock-up shows the raw data from the private keys file. I doubt that this is useful. Tobias changes just show the raw serial number. But that's also shown in the 4th column. Just in a much easier to digest form. By the way, the 4th item in the "Token" string of the second key is the percent-plus-encoded display serial number.

I propose:

  • Merge Token column and Serial Number column and show display serial number with raw serial number as fallback.
  • Add card slot (key ref) column if we think this information is useful. I don't think it's really useful here. The user could switch to the smart card details view if they really want to know this information.

On more thing: I just realized that this information is pretty useless for my test environment because I have recreated keys for my test tokens so often that almost all of this information will be a lie.

looking at my private key directory, the data for the display serial number seems to not always be there FWIW.

  • Merge Token column and Serial Number column and show display serial number with raw serial number as fallback.

Do you mean showing the raw serial number in the same column if the display serial number is not available? I'm a bit sceptical about that, as it would lead to showing a different kind of data in the same column

It's not a different kind of data. In both cases it's the serial number of the smart card either in human readable form (often as printed on the smart card/USB token) or in "untranslated" raw form. It's a bit like short Git hash vs. full Git hash.

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