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Kleopatra: seperate smartcard window with simplyfied layout
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  • The Smartcard screen should open in a new, non modal window.
  • The layout for different card type are harmonized.
  • The button clutter is removed in favor of popup and context menus.

more details:

  • Slots of an application are arranged as a table, because there are Smartcard applications with several slots.
  • If the slots themself have no information about their capabilities, the gpg default is used.
  • For each slots keygrip the number of matching keygrips is shown, as well as the primary UID of the most recent certificate.
  • A "refresh" button to re-scan for smartcards.
  • The lower left corner of the screen shows a spinner while scanning for smartcards. this changes to the number of found smartcards.
  • Each slot has an popup menu button with possible actions, and an equivalent context menu.
  • The header are shows information from the smartcard, if available for the application type.
  • In the upper right corner is a popup menu button with general actions for the cards application.