GpgSM: Add ECC support
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ECC Crypto for S/MIME key generation and usage should be implemented.

Original report:

I would like create a X.509 Key with ECDSA option to specify a max validity date.
But the option is anavailable (grey).
Why? (A software parameter is wrong?)
How to do ?
Thanks for your answer

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There is currently no ECC key support in the S/MIME component of Gpg4win. I've edited the task a bit to reflect that. So it is impossible to generate an ECC Key for S/MIME with Kleopatra.

It should definitely be implemented but this is no small task :-/

Thanks for your answer

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See also T4013 which is about ed25519 key support

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There are two code paths to generate key: gpgsm_genkey and gpgsm_gencertreq_tty. Latter is partially supported with card key.
Firstly, I'm going to work for T4888.

I am working on the Telesec Signature Card v2. I will add encryption support to gpgsm.

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Basic en- and decryption test against Governikus_Signer has now been done. Beware: I had to add a debug option to gpgsm to workaround non-compliance in algorithm support of Governikus; see the rG68b857df13c8a4e6cae5e3a29fd065bf90764547 for details.

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Signing using ECDSA does now also work. Tested with 3 in disk keys: nistp256, nistp384 and RSA and verified using gpgsm and Governikus Signer.

See rG6dc3846d78192e393be73c16c72750734a9174d1 for examples on how to create a cert

GnuTLS seems to have some CMS support; see .

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