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gpg4win 3.1.5 pinentry fails on some systems
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Since gpg4win 3.1.5 is released, I received about 10 error reports concerning pinentry. All report the same problem:

pinentry.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because libassuan-0.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
The code execution cannot proceed because libgpg-error-0.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

Downgrading to 3.1.4 helped in all cases.



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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

Strange, even if they are missing in the Gpg4win insttall dir they should be picked up from GnuPG which is added to PATH.

Which components are you choosing during installation?

Is this with the /MINIMAL flag?

I'll try to reproduce it in various minimal installations.

Is this with the /MINIMAL flag?

I don't know. From what I understand, installation of gpg4win is not necessarily done from within Enigmail.

Could it be possible that it's a 32/64 bit issue?

No. Pinentry is always 32 bits for us.

I could reproduce the problem (by chance) now, because I started a VM I didn't use for a while:

  1. Prepare a system with gpg4win 3.0.1 (in my case).
  2. Upgrade to gpg4win 3.1.5. The installer should not ask to reboot the system.
  3. After the upgrade, try decrypting a something. Pinentry reports the error mentioned above.
  4. After rebooting the problem goes away.
aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Mar 4 2019, 10:17 AM

There was indeed a missing dependency. libgpg-error and libassuan were only installed if GPGME was installed, so only if Kleopatra or GPA were selected.

It mostly worked though and worked for you after a reboot because GnuPG adds it's bin dir to "PATH" and then the pinentry from the Gpg4win install directory would take the library from the GnuPG install directory.

I've changed it now that libgpg-error and libassuan are installed if pinentry is also installed.