pinentry-tty mishandles ctrl-C
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Run gpg to decrypt a file, configured to use pinentry-tty. Enter the passphrase wrong, and on the second try, type ctrl-C. gpg exits, and the terminal mode is screwed up. Characters don't echo, etc.


gnupg 2.2.4, pinentry 1.1.0, Ubuntu 18.04.2
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Ah, yes, that signal thing should be handled correctly, when we support line edit by tty.

For master branch of GnuPG, it was fixed. See T2011: gnupg should notify cancellation of its operation to gpg-agent to kill pinentry.

I meant, GnuPG side was fixed in master, it sends SIGINT to pinentry process when gpg exits.

We need to fix pinentry side to receive SIGINT in order to recover TTY state (for curses and tty).

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