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Debug Tab in Kleopatra
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We were talking about a possibility to enable logging for Kleopatra in the GUI of Kleopatra:

First, I created a mockup. There you can see checkboxes to enable logging for each component and an input field which will be filled with a default path. Another (optional) idea is to show a textarea where the content of the log file is visible. Then users would save some time because they would not have to navigate to the file first and then to open it and it would be very comfortable.

Maybe there could also be a button to delete the file from the GUI. This is not shown in the mockup.

@aheinecke what are you thinking about this?

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We have KWatchGnuPG for watching the log files.

aheinecke triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jul 18 2022, 9:05 AM

@ikloecker KWatchGnuPG does not work on Windows. And this also does not work with Kleopatra logging and GPGME logging, Kleopatra logging needs Dbgview on Windows, which can be spammed by other software and GPGME logging requires an enviornment variable. So having this in a logging view would be good for support.

I am not sure about the Logging output Window because you need to do actions with Kleopatra when logging is active and not have the settings open. I rather tend towards a file like for our other logs. This also helps with support the most. Especially with GPGME debugging the log output view would scroll by so fast as to be useless. GPGME logging needs to be searched and filtered before becoming useful as it is very verbose regarding IO operations.

For documentation purposes: Werner suggested to use a TCP socket on Windows for logging (on the mailing list).

What I need in particular is a way to get the output of gpgconf -X.

I am adding gpgcom, as a tag, the first minimal task would be to create such a page with the debug output from gpgconf -X with options to copy / or save them to a file. Not sure if that should be a subtask, because on the other hand this would be a start of this "Debug Tab"

Output of --show-configs should also be added as a button or directly visible when the selftest of Kleopatra fails.