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Kleopatra: Add support for custom groups
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As discussed:

The use case is that you have a project and have several keys both S/MIME and OpenPGP that are related to a project. The Project identifier can be a Mail address or a generic Name.

Kleopatra should offer user interface to Add both S/MIME and OpenPGP keys to a Group.
The Groups should be easily selectable when setting up recipients for file encryption.

The groups can be stored by kleopatra. Ideally the API for them would be in libkleopatra so that they can be easily respected in KMail and Outlook (which use libkleopatra).

Autocompletion for group names should work in the recipient selection dialog.

The Groups should complement tags which use the remark feature on OpenPGP certifications but don't rely on that because we need S/MIME and OpenPGP combinations.

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rLIBKLEO Libkleo
rKLEOPATRA Kleopatra

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aheinecke moved this task from Restricted Project Column to Restricted Project Column on the Restricted Project board.Jan 11 2021, 10:15 AM

Where should groups be listed? Should groups be listed in the main key/certificates view?

I am happy with the result, this seems very workable. Especially the Group Details dialog is a nice touch to inspect a group.

I'm not sure if we should show the groups additionally in the keylist. As you asked here earlier (sorry I overlooked that message). We can probably discuss that and how problematic that would be in our weekly standup.