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Kleopatra: Add origin information in search results
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Follow up of T6493.

The column "origin" should show the information "keyserver" or "WKD" instead of always "unknown" for OpenPGP.
It is not necessary to show the value of "keyserver".

For S/MIME I'm not sure what the wording should be as "directory service" might be a bit long for the column.
Again, no values needs to be displayed for that.

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Since we can have multiple servers for S/MIME it could be nice in the search results to sow from which server the reply came. But I think that is out of scope or better a different issue since the current API does not provide that info.

Yes, this ticket was made as a task to be completed for vsd33, so we left out the refinement you suggested on purpose.

Note that the keys do not have origin information before they have been imported. My idea was to keep track of which job generated the results and somehow add this as origin information to the key list model.

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